London has established itself as a global force on the social, economic, financial, gastronomic, sporting, media, creative, cultural and entrepreneurial landscape in the past decade.

Once mocked as colloquial, provincial and out of touch, today London has the rest of the world looking at it. This is a position of authority, but more importantly a position of responsibility.

It’s a position that we feel positively about. Rather than sit by passively and watch, we’re getting involved.

My London Works is our movement. It’s a like-minded following of people, businesses and organisations that will be a part of workplace change. It’s time we all expected more from our working experience and environment. Let’s make it happen.

As employees, employers and as citizens of this amazing city, please join us on the journey…


  1. Hello, my name is Airida, project leader of “Spices at Work”. We have nice interactio on Twitter and as we are on the same mission I would like to contact you regarding possible cooperation, that will help people experience greater happiness at work. I see a win win situation for both of us and would like to talk with you about it. You could contact me via e-mail or twitter. Hope to see you soon!


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