Workspaces are not what they used to be. The blue-carpeted, beige-walled office is gently becoming an endangered species as businesses increasingly recognise that happiness is vital to productivity, and that the environment which employees inhabit is a key determinant of this.

From Silicon Valley to Tokyo, businesses across the world are employing new and creative strategies for re-imagining the modern workspace. This movement is not simply being driven by corporate employers. Employees are now expecting more of the spaces they work in – it is a movement bubbling up from below as much as being directed from above.

It’s clear that this city is bursting with ideas and inspiration

So what is London doing to keep up with the evolution of the modern workplace? Last month’s London Design Festival was a showcase of the latest innovations and insights that our city has to offer in this area. Beyond office design, there are a number of companies offering inventive ways to improve the spaces and places Londoners work in. From office lighting to Feng Shui, the number of ways to optimise your working arena are endless. It’s clear that this city is bursting with ideas and inspiration for enhancing your working experience, but knowing where and how to implement them can be less straightforward. My London Works is here to help kick off the re-imagination process. We’ve picked out 5 innovators working in London who can inspire you to make positive change.

  1. You light up my life

The lights in your workspace are more important than you may think and directly contribute to your wellbeing, motivation and performance. The right lighting eliminates eye-strain that leads to headaches and even disorders such as SBS and SAD . In the last few years, a number of firms offering architectural lighting design have sprung up across London. The Lighting Design Studio is particularly renowned for taking an imaginative and creative approach to their work, delivering attractive, energy efficient lighting designs for businesses. Why not get in touch with them @lightingdesign2 on Twitter to see how they could shed some light on your office design issues.

  1. Dear Doctor…

The internet is packed full of information about how workplace ergonomics improve the quality of your working life. Google it! It’s almost impossible not to fall across someone telling you how to sit or how to look at your computer screen without it taking offence. Amongst this avalanche of advice, it can be difficult to know how relevant these opinions are to your own work environment. ESPH offer workplace health assessments for businesses across London. Their specialists actually come in to your office and assess the conditions you’re working in. They then produce a report which gives clear suggestions and solutions to improve your ‘work health’ based on physiotherapy. Check them out at @esph to get your prescription.

  1. Picking up a good vibration

The ancient art of Feng shui has been a popular way of organising ‘home’ spaces for some time now, but businesses are cottoning on to the idea that peaceful, streamlined spaces can make a positive difference to the state of mind of their employees. Although it’s not everyone’s cup of green tea, Feng Shui undeniably offers an alternative way to examine how wellbeing relates to the spaces we occupy. London has a growing community of ‘Feng shui for business’ enthusiasts – Master Sarah McAllister is at the fore for this phenomenon. She offers Feng Shui audits to gauge the positive energy of your workspace and personalised interior design plans based on her extensive knowledge of the Eastern philosophy. Follow @FengShuiAgency if you’re considering adding some zen to your den.

  1. Consider yourself part of the furniture

A few weeks ago, our blog investigated the pitfalls of a sedentary lifestyle. For many of us, there is little choice but to be sat down for the majority of the working day. This being the case, the seat we sit on has a lot of responsibility resting on its padded shoulder. As London based firm Back2 point out, an ergonomically sound workstation is not only vital to the health of your back and neck, but can also improve your efficiency at work. Find out how their ergonomically happy office furniture could improve your working experience @Back2Ltd

  1. That Friday feeling

Forget Saturday night fever or thirsty Thursdays, it’s all about Friday afternoon drinks in the city. While no one is encouraging a throw-back to Mad Men-style whisky binges at 11am, a little tipple at the end of the week can help bring people together and improve relations with your colleagues. A new initiative from @deskbeers makes it easy for your company to get firmly on the wagon. They deliver a selection of independent craft beers to your office – a fresh and bubbly way to end the week. Their philosophy is based around ‘blurring the boundaries between work and play’ – an idea that we couldn’t agree with more. Cheers!

Come and talk to us about your re-imagined office @MyLondonWorks on Twitter!


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