Did you know that you spend around 10,000 hours of your life on a lunchbreak? Do the maths and you’ll find it’s a startlingly large chunk of time to spend on sandwiches, smartphones and leafing through the Metro. On dull days, you may be tempted to crack open the Pret a Manger and nonchalantly go forth ‘al desko’, but this won’t provide you with the time out that your body and mind truly desires.

Your lunchbreak is more than just an hour. It’s actually great opportunity to experience something new in London. Why not do something that moves or inspires you? Take your lunchbreak by the horns and own it – if only a couple of times a week. You may find you develop an appetite for adventure…


Moving your bod is an increasingly popular way to perk yourself up mid-way through the day. The trend towards short, sharp bursts of high intensity exercise has well and truly landed in London. Fitness First offers workouts in compact 4 minute sessions – each one aimed at nuking calories in superquick time. Look out for these and other exponents of the ‘abbreviated fitness’ revolution at various locations across London – release some endorphins and jumpstart your entire being.


Want something more expressive? How about moonwalking your way to a lunchtime disco with friends or colleagues. These special lunchtime funfests are held at various locations around London with a different theme each time. Seriously, don’t knock it till you try it.


If you want to keep it simple, take a stroll around London to get some fresh air while reacquainting yourself with our beautiful city. Sounds obvious? Go somewhere you’ve never been before and give your eyes a fresh scene.


If culture is more up your street, The St Bride Foundation puts on dance, comedy, classic plays and exposes new writers in its cosy theatre space on Fleet Street. Previous shows have included snippets from Shakespeare, Wilde and Chekhov. Performances start at 1.00 and are usually 45 minutes long. Bring a pack lunch to eat during the show.


London’s famed art galleries offer another way of feeding your mind as well as your stomach. The National Gallery regularly runs free lunchtime talks. Even if you’re a regular, the tour guides bring the place to life with their insight and personal knowledge.


Why not meander down to St James’ Church, Piccadilly and enjoy the free concert every lunchtime? Sit back and enjoy renditions of the big names of the classical world – Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and more.

So what’s on the menu today? Hopefully something here has taken your fancy. Let us know what you get up to in your lunchbreaks or how you’ve been surprised or inspired by our beautiful city. You don’t have to break the mould, just make your lunchbreak something to be personally proud of.

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