It’s rare to find someone who enjoys the sound of their alarm clock, even when it’s set to ‘Japanese Wind Chimes.’* When it comes to extracting ourselves from a warm bed of a morning, we’re like Pavlovian dogs – except that when that bell rings, we don’t always get a treat. No matter how much we love our work, there are some days when we just don’t feel like springing out of the warm nest.

Waking up and heading off to work should be a GREAT part of your day. Sounds idealistic? Making it a reality is a challenge well worth rising to!

There are in fact a number of ways to make the start of the new day an easy and positive affair – even if your genetic construction isn’t that of a ‘morning person’. Remember that waking up and going to work is your ‘starter for ten’. It should be a GREAT part of your day – and making this a reality is a challenge well worth rising to.


Why not start your day with a treat? This could be a cup of your favourite tea, a stimulating radio show, a feel-good breakfast or even a luxury shower product. You deserve to kick off your day in a way that suits your lifestyle and lifts your spirits.

Music is a great way to change up your morning routine, why not create a playlist that makes you feel like you’re ready to reign and conquer? Days that are routinely difficult for you (hello Tuesdays) can be given specific attention to ease you into that positive state of mind. Research from this very week shows that listening to music before an operation can reduce the negative effects such as stress and even pain.


How you travel to work has a marked impact on the rest of your day. Arriving to the office via waterslide a la 2008 Barclay’s advert may not be practical just yet, but until then, here are three more practical suggestions:

  1. Car share: If you drive to work, car sharing can be a cost-effective way to get to the office whilst cutting down your collective carbon footprint and getting to know colleagues better. Before you know it, you’ll be going on skiing holidays together and we know from last week’s blog post that this a whole new path to happiness!
  1. Lift share: You can also make new acquaintances with a host of other London people heading in the same direction through lift-sharing programmes. Why not join the 701,430 people in the UK who are already part of this network?
  1. Walking or cycling: Why spend your money and jeopardise your Zen morning efforts on the Tube when you can walk or cycle to work? This is a good argument if this option is practical and safe. Research carried out in 2014 showed that in London residents cycling to work had doubled in the last ten years – and with good reason. Cycle to work schemes are on the up and employees are being encouraged to pedal to work on hired tax-free bikes – saving money, keeping fit and not contributing to carbon dioxide emissions. Let’s not forget you can also sing Queen’s ‘Bicycle Race’ to yourself on loop until you get to work. There is literally nothing not to love here.

In essence, there’s no need for life in London to be the ‘rat-race’ when you could so simply adjust how you get to work and make it a more ‘relaxed-race’. One of these days, if we can all address how we treat our mornings, it will stop being a race at all.

*Have YOU discovered the perfect morning alarm? Please, don’t keep this information to yourself.

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