Did you know that one in every four UK workers is experiencing work-place stress right now? With these statistics, the likelihood is that somewhere in London, someone called John is having a tough day. He’s been retinally attached to his computer screen for hours and his muscles and neural pathways feel like the tube at rush hour. Once caffeine got involved, John spiralled into a stress vortex that a cocktail of Melatonin and Chopin’s Op. 9 couldn’t touch.

John and 25% of the working population need help, and, as the title of this blog suggests, massage therapy is one good way to start to tackle it.  Plenty of evidence (particularly from the US) suggests that getting a massage when it all gets a bit high noon in the office can reverse the negative effects of stress considerably. A trained masseur or masseuse reduces tension that has mounted in the neck, back and shoulders before targeting the pressure points that work to improve the function of the rest of the body. Office-related injuries are reduced and aches including back pain, tension headaches, and even the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome can be kept at bay with regular weekly or bi-weekly massages.

Literally everybody benefits

If it all sounds a bit employee-centric, it’s not. With reduced stress comes all the other benefits: Team morale boosts, a reduction in absenteeism and increased productivity. The immune system is boosted, mental health improves as anxiety decreases, leading to increased self-awareness and attention. Literally everybody benefits.

And here’s the rub (sorry)

Despite the well documented advantages, well below 5% of companies offer in-house massages and instead increasingly ask more from their employees. Today, the pressures of almost 24 hour connectivity can stress us like never before. We all need time to switch off.

So if your answer to this blog title is ‘never’ – then why not make steps to remedy the situation by sharing this with a key decision-maker in your organisation? What may take 15-30 minutes out of your day can improve your body, mind and productivity dramatically. Unwinding without leaving the office – why not?

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